MacMan Cleaning Services LLC in Lake City, GA is always looking for individuals interested in joining our dedicated team of commercial cleaning professionals. Check back with us soon to view any job opportunities. Please contact us to express your interest in employment with MacMan Cleaning Services LLC.

Career Opportunities Coming Soon

If you are interested in seeking employment with MacMan Cleaning Services LLC, please download this employment application to fill out and email back to and we will get back to you shortly.

Once you click on the employment link you will have 2 options from here.

1. When you click on the download icon found at the top right of document you can either "Open with" or "Save File"

2. Open with - If you have Adobe Acrobat you can open the file, fill it out and then save it to you desk top. Then you would open up your emails, fill in the email address, attach the employment application and send it.

3. Save File - this will usually save to your download folder (unless you have it saving somewhere else). From there you can open it, print it out, fill out the info and then bring it to your potential employer.

View the quality work Macman has to offer:

Please Note: Career opportunity is a Janitorial Position. The pictures in the above galleries are examples of the quality work we do in the janitorial field.

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